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Lighting sets the mood, whether it’s a building or a streetscape. No matter how much attention is paid to the architecture, it’s the lighting that lets people see it. A good lighting design captures energy efficiency, cost, safety, control, and visual appeal.

Why choose Electec?

With our specialized lighting software, we can create accurate virtual models of any lighting design. This allows us to work with our clients to plan and revise lighting designs, identifying issues and testing designs with a level of detail that would otherwise be impossible. We can create photo-realistic and accurate renderings of lighting designs, to a level of precision not possible in typical architectural rendering software.

Our approach

We are a design oriented firm, with a record of early adoption of new technology and participation by senior staff on large and small projects. This client oriented approach informs everything we do.

What can we offer?

The emergence of LED lighting is a game changer and Electec Engineering is up to date with the latest technology. When selecting LED lighting; efficiency, lifetime, quality, aesthetics and distribution are just some of the things to be considered. However, it is not just the fixture that is important it is also about control. Our experience incorporating occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and wireless controls allows us to maximize your projects energy efficiency while minimizing initial capital cost and future maintenance costs. Our team is continually updated on the latest technology allowing us to incorporate the best design methods in your next project.

Our services include
Feasibility studies and front end engineering; Detailed engineering; Contract administration; Procurement assistance; Building engineering evaluations.

Looking to save energy? Improve Reliability? Reduce Construction cost?

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