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Property Development


We partner with property developers to plan and execute projects of every size: from a single building to entire commercial developments.

Why choose Electec?

Our background working with developers, builders and utilities means we can identify and resolve issues that affect schedules and budgets early in the process. Our network of contacts means we can navigate the complex engineering and regulatory needs of development projects, allowing our costumers to focus on designing and delivering profitable projects. 

Our approach

We work with owners, developers and general contractors to plan all aspects of electrical engineering for sites from single buildings to entire developments. We know the unique needs of property development projects, and work closely with developers to ensure a smooth path to  a successful project.

What can we offer?

When an owner, developer, general contractor or project manager requires engineering and site services Electec Engineering has the knowledge and experience to keep your project on track. Electec works closely with the local power and communications utilities. We know their standards and how to navigate their processes smoothly. We are experienced designing everything from small overhead services to large multi-site commercial developments requiring significant underground infrastructure.

Feasibility studies and front end engineering; Detailed engineering; Contract administration; Procurement assistance; Building engineering evaluations coordination with utilities. The technical and regulatory requirements of power and communications utilities can be intimidating. That’s why having our experienced team onboard is important. We know how to work with utilities to make sure that problems are solved early in the development process, before they turn into costly issues.


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